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Shopping for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $100

"Will you marry me?" When it's time to pop the question, you have to make sure you have a breathtaking engagement ring to celebrate your love, embody your devotion, and make this life-changing event a moment she'll never forget.

If you're shopping for an affordable engagement ring that doesn't skimp on the sparkle or design quality, you'll be happy to know that you have options that are chic, built to last, and won't break the bank. 

Before you spring for a ring to get your bride-to-be, there are several factors to consider to maximize its potential while staying within your budget. Here are a few tips for buying the best engagement ring possible without sinking into serious debt.

Plan Your Budget

Saying "I do" to your soul mate is one of the most significant events in your life. If you're not careful, it can also be one of the most costly occasions as well. Newlyweds in the United States pay an average of $38,700 to buy an engagement ring, hold a ceremony, and go on a honeymoon, according to a recent WeddingWire report. That's a considerable initial investment for two people starting a new life together.

If that national average is too steep for your bank account, there's no shame in setting a budget for your wedding expenses. It's actually an excellent financial move. Cutting back on excessive spending for your special day might involve looking for a more modest price tag when shopping for an engagement ring. However, that doesn't mean you can't find a beautiful, high-quality token of your adoration. Decide on a maximum price you're willing to pay, then start looking for that ring. 

Pro tip: Online jewelry sellers often have lower overheads for running their businesses, especially if they don't operate brick-and-mortar storefronts. That means you can find a great ring online at a lower price point, without the added time of driving to different stores and dealing with salespeople. As long as there's a good warranty on the products offered and reasonable return/exchange policy in place, you're safe shopping for cheaper engagement rings on trusted websites.

Decide on a Stone

What's an engagement ring without a jaw-dropping stone? Before you start searching for diamond options, factor in the reality of the mainstream jewelry trade. Retailers may mark up their diamond engagement rings by up to three times the original cost. And unless you buy a large diamond with a high color grade and exceptional clarity, the stone does not substantially increase the ring's actual value. If you ever need to resell your engagement ring for any reason, the ring will likely be worth only the metal's scrap value.

With that fact in mind, there's no need to buy into the myth that a diamond is a girl's best friend. Clear cubic zirconias or lab-created diamonds offer all the pizazz of a high-grade diamond without the drastic depreciation in value and costly initial investment. Selecting one of these lower-cost options gives you more bling for your buck while keeping you within your budget. 

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Round-cut stones, like the solitaire featured in our Starlight ring at Jewels for Bride, are the most popular choice among engagement ring shoppers. If you'd like your ring to stand out from the pack while honoring traditional ring styles, consider opting for an attractive marquise, princess, or cushion-cut solitaire. Most importantly, seek out something that will look great on her hand while catching the attention of her friends and family.

Add a Pop of Color

Do you find clear crystals to be a bit bland? Don't feel obligated to make them the centerpiece of your engagement ring! This ring is your chance to showcase your love, and if you're not enthusiastic about the bling, why bother? Luckily, there is a rainbow of options for you to consider. Shop for a ring with a sapphire or other colorful stone that's meaningful to you. Maybe that means it that matches your wedding colors, brings out your partner's eyes or is your favorite shade. You could also pick a ring with your sweetheart's birthstone.

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One particularly pretty colored stone choice we offer at Jewels for Bride is our Deep Blue sapphire engagement ring in 925 sterling silver. A halo of diamond-like stones adds dazzle as they encircle the 3.2ct oval sapphire. The beautiful blue stone symbolizes loyalty and trust, and it invokes the ancient belief that sapphires offer protection for the ones you hold dear. What more could you ask for when looking for a meaningful crystal for the love of your life to wear every day?

Pick Your Metal

After you've selected the color and shape of your solitaire, consider which metal will work best with your bank account. Are you worried that platinum or high-karat gold will be above your price range? Don't fret! Wallet-friendly options like 925 sterling silver and silver- or gold-finished stainless steel add the perfect amount of shine while keeping you within your budget.

If you're not sure whether your fiancee would prefer something in silver or gold, simply take a look at the jewelry she wears most often. She knows her own tastes better than anyone else! Picking an engagement ring in a metal finish she rocks every day makes it much more likely that she'll absolutely love the piece you choose.

Consider the Setting

The central gem will steal the show on your fiancee's engagement ring. However, the real artistry lies in the rest of the ring's details. While a solitaire sitting atop a simple band is lovely by itself, additions like a few accent stones or an entire halo of crystals create the perfect background sparkle for the main stone. The prongs that hold the stones in place are also significant, as they provide structure and support while amplifying the metal's shine.

The shoulders on either side of the setting add extra personality to any engagement ring. Smooth, solid shoulders give a  classic, polished look. However, details like filigree patterns or a milgrain finish add a special touch to make the ring much more unique and worthier of admiration. Choosing a ring with shoulders encrusted with accent crystals creates an air of opulence. Veering away from the plain band to a raised cathedral setting gives height to the ring's head and introduces aesthetically pleasing geometry and negative space. Bypass, split, and flared shoulder styles are other options to consider when searching for an engagement ring that's anything but ordinary.

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At Jewels for Bride, the Mystic is one example of an affordable engagement ring with an extra-luxe look thanks to its one-of-a-kind setting and shoulders. This sterling silver stunner features elegantly curving scrollwork shoulders supporting a hexagonal, 3.2ct topaz. The bright finish of the setting's double prong design adds a silvery shine to the topaz's rainbow sparkle. Fabulous!

Sparkle Without a Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings aren't for everyone, and that is perfectly okay! If your special someone lives an active, hands-on life, she might be less inclined to wear a ring with a raised stone as she goes about her day. Or perhaps she has a big, bold, and beautiful personality and deserves a statement-making bauble covered with crystals to match. Any reason you might find yourself browsing for multi-stone engagement rings is valid. Don't feel compelled to stick with traditions that don't suit you and your sweetheart's style and needs.

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An excellent option that skips the solitaire without sacrificing the wow factor that any engagement ring should have is our Infinity ring. This brilliant bauble features a chunky band covered with five rows of pave crystals that glitter with every movement of the hand. Like many of our offerings at Jewels for Bride, this highly affordable ring comes in multiple color options. Bling on a budget doesn't have to be boring!

Find Inspiration in Antiques

If you're searching for a breathtaking alternative to modern jewelry designs, consider looking to the past for inspiration. The slick geometry of Art Deco jewelry evokes all the sultry elegance of the Jazz Age. Ornate, chunky pieces from the Victorian Era offer an air of ageless romance. And artifacts from the Golden Age of Hollywood effortlessly combine luxurious glamour with a twist of mid-century modern flair.

Don't worry if you don't have an old family heirloom from any of these periods to present to your fiancee. Some of the most gorgeous engagement rings available today are brand-new baubles with patterns borrowed from old-fashioned styles. Look for a newly created ring based on an antique design as you're shopping online. You won't have to spend countless hours visiting antique stores or take a considerable risk by buying something secondhand an online vintage dealer. More importantly, your fiancee will get a timeless piece of jewelry that no one else has never worn.

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Need some inspiration? Our Forever After engagement ring in 925 sterling silver is a fresh take on the glitz of classic Hollywood Regency jewelry. A halo of stones surrounds the 1.5ct cubic zirconia center while pave accents line the cathedral shoulders. This combo creates a glamorous effect that any Old Hollywood starlet would have coveted. Multiple color choices for the center stone and sterling's metal finish mean that you can match this vintage-inspired engagement ring with your beloved's style. You can't get that in a dusty, old antique store!

Make the Right Choice

At Jewels for Bride, we're thrilled to offer an exceptional selection of affordable engagement rings for smart shoppers. The average cost of an engagement ring runs upward of $5,000, according to that WeddingWire report. Our store gives you a hand-picked collection of beautiful engagement rings, all available for under $100. And every ring on our site comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can feel rest assured that you're getting a breathtaking ring built for a lifetime of love. 

If you're ready to take the plunge and buy an affordable engagement ring, Jewels for Bride is at your service. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the right ring for the love of your life.